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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Slaviša RADOVIĆ[Сербия]Teaching Materials “Surface Area of Geometric Figures,” Created Using the Software Package GeoGebra2013, June2052
2Jill LAZARUS[Канада], Geoffrey ROULET[Канада]Creating a YouTube-Like Collaborative Environment in Mathematics: Integrating Animated GeoGebra Constructions and Student-Generated Screencast Videos2013, June1956
3Ol'ga I. Marchenko[Россия]Body Language Eloquence as a Means of Linguistic Personality Formation2013, March1905
4Irena V. Robert[Россия]Major Trends of Fundamental Scientific Research, Defining Development of Domestic Education Informatization 2012, September1844
5Helena BINTEROVÁ[Чехия], Marek ŠULISTA[Чехия]GeoGebra Software Use within a Content and Language Integrated Learning Environment2013, June1755
6Alexander Fedorov[Россия]Analysis of Art House Media Texts Use during Media Studies in the Student Audience (Alain Robbe-Grillet Movies Case Study)2012, December1725
7Vladimir M. Кrol[Россия], Nikolai I. Trifonov[Россия], Vladimir A. Mordvinov[Россия]Problems and Cognitive Aspects of Individual-based Education2013, March1677
8Sajid Musa[Турция], Rushan Ziatdinov[Турция], Omer Faruk Sozcu[Турция], Carol Griffiths[Турция]Developing Educational Computer Animation Based on Human Personality Types2015, March1674
9Svetlana K. Bashieva[Россия], Zalina R. Dokhova[Россия], Marina Ch. Shogenova[Россия]The Role of Etiquette Speech Expressions in Linguistic Personality Communicative Competences Formation (the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Case Study)2013, March1613
10Muharrem AKTÜMEN[Турция], Tuğba HORZUM[Турция], Tuba CEYLAN[Турция],Modeling and Visualization Process of the Curve of Pen Point by GeoGebra2013, June1596

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